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Thankful for the Bad Days as Well as the Good Ones!❤

Even on my worst day, God is still good! No matter what, everyday above ground is still a blessing and I count it all joy! It’s so important to thank God for the bad days as well as the good ones. You have to understand that no matter what circumstances look like and no matter […]

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The Most IMPORTANT Thing You Can Learn From Your Biggest Mistake..

What’s the one thing you can learn from your biggest mistake?? Well, first of all it was a mistake; not a life sentence. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life crucifying yourself over your past or current mistakes. You should never allow yourself to live in bondage of your hurtful thoughts or […]

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26 Things I’ve Learned So Far in My 26th Year 💖💛

Not everyone is your friend. Some people want to see how you do it & some just want a front row seat to watch your struggle.👀👀 Not everyone has your best interest at heart, family members included. No support is BETTER than fake support.  The reality of not being able to help everybody. It’s OKAY […]

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