Separation Before Elevation ..

There will be a natural process of elimination that occurs on your journey. You have to pay attention to what’s happening in your life and don’t try to interrupt the process. People will show up and show their true colors and you have to respond accordingly. You may have to cut off some people whom you’ve considered friends. You may have to cut off some family members. Anyone who is toxic and refuses to grow and change must be left behind until they are ready to catch up. There will always be separation before elevation. Be ready for it and the natural occur.
– Tony A. Gaskins Jr.
Just a little encouragement for you that also inspired me! Thanks for visiting my blog!! You’re company here is always appreciated 🙂


17 Comments on “Separation Before Elevation ..

  1. You are speaking directly into my life! 😩 I’ve been going through this exact thing lately! But it’s ok bc the elevation is so worth it!

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  2. The words that drip from your fingers are like salve to a soul, the way you remind us the pain in life is not a solitary event. We have all shared these moments of pain, anger, exhaustion and even love. This is one of my favorite. Keep doing you.


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