Little More Kindness, Little Less Judgment

Please understand that you only see a portion of a person’s life, not fully knowing every little thing they are going through. Stop being so quick to jump to assumptions or write them off because you may think the “portion” of what you know they are going through is insignificant but rather, be kind, keep your mouth closed regarding things you do not have facts on and simply pray for them. We all face daily battles that nobody knows about and that’s just the truth. There’s a story behind every person. Why they’re the way they are. Keep that in mind the next time you get ready to judgement someone. Today will never come again. Be a blessing to someone. Be a friend. Encourage. Take time to actually care. Let your words heal others and not wound them.

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51 Comments on “Little More Kindness, Little Less Judgment

  1. I’m a cashier and people can be aggravated when they come through my till. Whether having a bad day, or running short on time, but I tend to be able to get a small smile out of them and send them on their way a little happier. Than there are those that no matter what, they have a chip on their shoulder carried visibly for everyone to see. I still smile, wish them a great day and end with ‘I hope that your day gets better.’ I use to judge, I use to actually take it personally but the world does not revolve around me so I have realized that some people have it harder or worse days and they need to know that people can see and acknowledge it without being all up in their business asking questions trying to fix things. Just smile.

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  3. That’s true and you never Know your little act gonna hold a special place forever in somebody’s heart. Lovely postπŸ’–

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