3 Ways I Personally Manage Depression.




Little small talks with Jesus here and there through out my days of depression really help me. I mean, they help me everyday but on some of my worse days, they really pull me through! When I say I pray, I don’t mean that I pray these long eloquent prayers and use big bible words, vocabulary, terminology or whatever you wanna call it. I literally talk to God like He is my best friend and I’m just myself. Most of the time I don’t even close my eyes. Sometimes, I talk to God in my heart (if that makes sense) and sometimes I talk out loud. Just whatever works at the moment. Normally after a few of those little mini talks with God, I feel better! I guess it’s because deep down, I TRUST that He’s working everything out in my favor. I trust that He has a purposeΒ for whatever I’m going through and sometimes through prayer alone, I am reminded of that. Don’t let the pain you feel now make you forget what God said. Remember, He’s Making It Work For Your Good .. (Romans 8:28)


First of all, blogging is addictive. I have always enjoyed it but here lately, I’ve grown to absolutely love it! I spend more time on here than I do any other social media site and honestly, I think that’s a good thing!! The blogging community itself is so positive and sometimes in my moments of depression .. the encouraging and uplifting posts really help me! Some of y’all post things that speak to the core of my heart and after I read it, I’m just like .. “Dang! They really just spoke to a personal part of me without even knowing it.” When I come across those kinds of posts, sometimes they help push me on out of that depressing mood! I love it!

Writing blog posts actually helps with my depression too! I have found that some of my best posts are actually written when I’m emotional, upset, depressed, bothered, angry or frustrated. It all kind of goes back to writing being probably the best form of therapy for me but the fact that I have theΒ opportunity to reach out and encourage others through my writing only encourages me to deflect what I’m going through in a positive way. When I’m trying to help you, I’m really helping myself too! πŸ™‚ Blogging really does help depression.


Music & I can NEVER be separated!! If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs then you’ve probably heard me say this before. Music, sometimes, is just another way to escape the pain .. or at least it is for me anyways. I prefer gospel. Music that will encourage and speak to my spirit is everything! It always puts me in a better mood.



I’m praying for those who battle depression. That spirit is real but you can win! Keep fighting the good fight of faith! Keep fighting to stay positive!! Whatever you’re going through is NOT going to overtake you! It may seem like it but I promise you that God will never put more you than you handle. It may hurt now but I promise, it is going to make you so much stronger!!Β 


Thanks for reading/visiting my blog today!! Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way!! -Jessica


42 Comments on “3 Ways I Personally Manage Depression.

  1. Your blogs always bring “good goose bumps” when i read them. It’s either i am reading about blogging tips (i have learnt a thing or two on those) or i am reading about developing myself! Your style of writing is also great. This here post is also uplifting. I haven’t been praying much these days but this post has reminded me that even a simple prayer does a lot for the spirit! Blogging/writing is also a therapy for me when i am depressed so i totally relate! Most importantly, thanks for the reminder on prayers! Keep up the good work hun

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  2. OMG…I kept reading points one after the other and to my surprise each point you picked feels so right.
    I have personally felt this..remembering GOD, pray- ask him for things and also thank him.
    Again music…it’s so satisfying to the soul.
    And last but not the least…my new found passion…blogging. Still taking baby steps but feels sooo good 😊

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    • ❀❀ I’m so glad that you could relate!!😘 & Yesss , prayer is everything! It changes things. God hears you no matter how stupid you think your own personal prayers are… God still hears them! & the most beautiful thing about it is that He has His ways of letting you know that.. whether you hear him speaking back, whether he sends confirmation through someone else or if he allows something to happen in your life that He knows will let you know.. He heard you! God is amazing. Thanks so much for reading!

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  3. Great post….I do all 3 of those things also! Sometimes I end up pulling out my bible to read when I am having a hard day!


  4. When D strikes:

    -log in to this website and read inspiring blogs
    -keep telling myself that i’m not alone
    -watch youtube videos of tedx, tony robbins, etc. so thankful you can watch them anytime.
    -run and just sweat it all out!


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  5. Yes, Yes & Yes! I agree with you on all three points helping me too!
    God knows I know no shame as I even talk to him while I’m on the toilet haha (sorry not sorry for the too much information lol).
    So glad that writing gives you the outlet for emotions and feelings – it defo is a powerful thing. keep striving on, writing on, praying on and music vibsing on… xx

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  6. I feels with your post so much! I’m not too religious, though I do talk to god a lot asking for his guidance when I need some extra strength in my day. Music (singing / listening to music), reading & writing (poems, songs, stories) have always been my outlets. Recently, I have dived into blogging and find it the most therapeutic as you can be completely honest here without prejudice or judgements… simply those wanting to support others which is the opposite of many social media sites these days. Recently went on a break from Facebook, Snapchat and instagram as I felt the attention I received there when posting how I felt wasn’t helping, just making it worse to a degree. Blogging is so different as you can be yourself fully on your page and those that reach out are actually interested enough to find and read your page. Anywho! Thank you for this post! 😊

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    • You made all VERY GOOD points in your comment !! πŸ’œ and I’ll agree with you, the blogging community is SO much more positive than any other social media site I’ve ever been on!! Thanks for reading and checking out my blog you beautiful soul !! I wish you nothing but success in your journey of blogging!!!

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