It’s Not What You Say, But It’s How You Say It ..



You have to be careful how you say things to people and what you do to them. You can mean well, but the way you approach the individual will determine their response. In fact, you could be telling the complete truth, but people will not receive you well if you don’t know how to talk to them. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Tone of voice matters. Always try to remember that.

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend !! 





45 Comments on “It’s Not What You Say, But It’s How You Say It ..

  1. How is say how u present matters the same way when we cook something and how it is presented..

    The moment we see a delicious beautifully​ presented food we can’t wait to taste it and if not sometime how much ever we are hungry still our appetite is lost..

    Similarly if even if we want to share a news which benefits other I’d not presented well can hurt..

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  2. This was absolutely amazing Jessica! I am so glad you shared this as more people need to read this and never forget it! This could not be more true! People can interpret what we say in a completely different way that what we mean and then be upset. I think most of the time we all think we know what we are trying to say, but then somehow or another it comes out the wrong way. You are pretty incredible Jessica!!

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