The Benefit of Putting God First


“Everything I need I have and everything I want I get but I don’t hold tight because what’s meant to stay stays and what goes was suppose to. Everything I have belongs to God and I don’t stress over it because I need nothing more than him and I can try to give it back to him but he doesn’t need it. He likes to know I love him more than it so when he asks for it I act obediently. I know that he is my gift and my supply is endless so that is how I keep my peace.” -Tatiana Jerome

God will give you anything as long as you understand that He the primary and not the secondary.

The more you get in the habit of putting God first, the more “amazing” things really will start to happen! You’ll notice tables turning in your favor. Unexpected blessings fall in your lap. Things shift in your favor. . There’s always such an overflow of blessings when you’re acknowledging God first in everything you do.

I’ve noticed that! But something else I’ve also noticed is that when you start pulling back from Him and stop praying as much as you should and spending time with Him .. He will let you know! Believe me, He has His way of getting your attention!! Just remember to put God first in everything you do and watch things start working out much better than you could have ever expected.

Happy Tuesday! I hope you guys have a great one!! xoxo!



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