Removing Distractions & Polishing Anything That Will Help Grow You!


“Just because someone else is being recognized for their crowned doesn’t make your crown any less insignificant. It doesn’t matter where you are in this chapter of your life as long as you make TODAY the day to grow in your self worth. When you grow in confidence in yourself and the decisions you make, you start to glow up physically, financially, mentally and spiritually. Your glow will confuse, terrify and astound those who are against you. Remember a good woman KNOWS HER WORTH and is not afraid to leave what doesn’t recognize her worth. A woman who is interested in growing not only in self confidence but also in awareness of who she truly is within herself and God makes a DECISION to do WHAT IS RIGHT FOR HER TODAY. Not TOMORROW but TODAY.

This woman does not have time to beef with the miserable because she’s too busy realigning with her purpose. She is too busy learning who she is and what she can give to herself and others daily. This woman is a virtuous woman who WILL NOT GIVE UP on herself. She knows in order for her to be powerful she must educate herself and surround herself with like-minded individuals. This woman knows it is clean up time …removing distractions and polishing whatever is in her space that will grow her. This woman doesn’t need to throw shade or indulge in petty behavior in order for her to shine. When she speaks it means something because whatever she says is valuable to the ears that hear it. This woman wears a crown that can never be knocked off. She overflows with love and wisdom because she first allows God to flow and fill her up. She is cRowned. You are crowned. TODAY not TOMORROW is the time for you grow in your cRown of self love, awareness and confidence.” -Tatiana Jerome!💕

Just thought I’d share some of words of wisdom with you guys today!! Hope you enjoyed! Happy Saturday! I hope you all are having a great weekend!! xo!!


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