Master the Mind & You Will be the Master of YOUR Mind.


“Everything that has shown up in your life is a direct reflection of the like minded thoughts you choose to entertain about yourself. Some of the thoughts that you have created about yourself is the result of who you currently are. You must always know that regardless of where you or anyone else is in life there is a golden rule: Those who thrive see themselves thriving. They operate in a strong belief in God and the gift God gave them. When there is a an obvious truth and belief about what you deserve and who you are in preparing for what you deserve, you ALWAYS get more than what you ask for. ALWAYS. Belief in yourself doesn’t stop at a certain age or because of a life changing event. Having the self confidence to get what belongs to you and believing that regardless of how long it will take you you will have it because you already have it…..will be all you have to have to operate in your divine purpose. When you can repeat and believe that ‘Your Life Is Changing For The Better and I Haven’t Missed Out On Anything That Belongs To Me and That My Blessings And Breakthroughs Are Happening Before I Even Ask For Them…’ you can then start to pour into others because you are pouring from an overflowing cup of blessings, breakthroughs, favor and miracles. All this can and will happen when you make TODAY your day to wake up from a place of indifference and function from a place of love and determination. Be determined to put yourself first. Be determined to heal before proceeding. Be determined to learn how to listen to your spirit and trust yourself. You deserve a better you. Make this the season you pour into you even when no one else is.” -Tatiana Jerome!💖


14 Comments on “Master the Mind & You Will be the Master of YOUR Mind.

  1. Wow this is powerful! I legit had to re-read this and take notes to FULLY take everything in. Thank you love for sharing, seriously!! ❤️❤️

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