Hello & Happy Saturday!! I hope you guys are having a good weekend so far!! 🌞🌳🌼 I know I’m enjoying this beautiful sunshine today! It’s windy but nice! Today I took my youngest son to our community Easter Egg Hunt along with my mom, sister, niece and nephew! My oldest son is egg hunting with his biological dad & kids today so normally when RJ is gone, Noah gets lots of mommy time!! ❀ Here’s just a little recap of our day so far.. We had a lot of fun between the egg hunt, bounce houses & ice cream truck!!


Afterwards, we went and ate Mexican then came back home for a quick rest! During a quick nap for Noah, I ran upstairs and put together their homemade Easter Baskets their dad & I created this year!! It’s totally cheaper to just buy a $1.00 Easter Basket and stuff it with your own goodies!! 😊 Justin & I got everything from this store called “Five and Below” meaning everything in the store is literally $5.00 or less. We had so much fun doing it this way!! They’re gonna be super excited to wake up in the morning and see what the Easter Bunny brought them!!πŸ‡πŸ‡


The rest of my day consists of me getting my nails done (since the Husband volunteered to pay for it) and just spending quality time with my children!! We may do a “movie night” tonight and have us some popcorn while we’re at it! πŸ™‚

I hope you guys are having a wonderful, blessed and safe weekend!!

Love you all!😍😘




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