A Supportive Husband


My little family! Clearly, the boys were being goofballs haha gotta love em!

I’m a very adventurous kind of person. The older I get the more I realize that I really enjoy learning new things, especially those things that can benefit me in the future. I also have a very entrepreneur-ish type of spirit about myself. I think it’s safe to say I get that honest from my grandparents! Now, I’m not the most talented person but God has truly blessed me with some amazing gifts and he’s also blessed me in a such way that I’m able to operate in some of those gifts to bring in some extra income! 

I’m thankful for my Husband though. Man, I thank God for a SUPPORTIVE Husband! He & I have been in each others lives for 10 years now and I can honestly say that he’s been supportive every since day one. Through friendship, dating and now marriage.. this guy has been supportive of absolutely any and everything that I’ve wanted to do or learn! His support is something that I’ve never had to question. Even if it was something that I was taking on that never sparked any of his interests personally, he still showed his support and always put it into action. You guys should’ve seen the way he looked at me when I first told him about my desire to blog haha! It wasn’t the “stank eye” but it was definitely one of those side eyes that said, ” Geeez Jessica! What the hell are you up to now!?!” He was a little iffy about it at first because it’s like… Is this something you can really make money off of and if not, is blogging even worth the time you put into it? He and I both shared that exact same thought but me being me I wanted to give blogging a shot anyway and I’m glad I did! Writing is something that I’ve always considered myself being good at so I knew that blogging would probably be an enjoyment to me. I’ve been blogging for roughly two months now and I {L O V E} it !! Not only is it a stress reliever… it’s relaxing!! And even though I’m still just getting started, I love the fact that I get to reach out, help other people and be an inspiration through my blog. It’s been amazing so far watching it grow and I’m very proud of my progress so far!! I feel like my Husband plays a part in why it’s doing so well. He was my very first follower on here. Genuine Support.. from all of his likes, shares, comments, tweets, retweets, spreading the word by “word of mouth” and educating me on how attract more traffic to my blog through other social media platforms other than just Facebook! As a result, my views have been popping all this week and it makes me so excited & so very grateful for him. 

Not everybody gets to brag on their significant other for being supportive. Not every man/woman has that characteristic but for those of you who do can understand where I’m coming from. Being supportive is one of those characteristics that doesn’t seem as important in the beginning but as time goes on you begin to see how important it really is! So with that being said, I’m dedicating this entire post to him! I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge and publicly appreciate him!! 



37 Comments on “A Supportive Husband

  1. I’m so glad you decided to start blogging, Jessica! ❤ I can already tell I’m going to love reading your blog, and I must say that you have the cutest family!!! Having a supportive significant other is something I haven’t gotten to experience myself yet, but I can understand just how important that is in the relationship! (: I’m looking forward to reading more posts from you!

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    • Awhh, thank you!❤ That’s so sweet and thanks for visiting my blog!! If you enjoy writing, then you’ll like blogging too😊 I plan to head over and check your page out! I wish you much success in your journey of blogging and I cant wait to see it grow!!😍

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