A NEW Valentine’s Day Tradition for MY Family!! You should try it :)

This is a new Valentine’s Day Family Tradition idea that I found on my favorite website, Pinetrest!! The pin was created by Beth Gordon and to find more details on this pin, you can visit her website at http://www.123homeschool4me.com. She has a lot of free printable hearts you can use as well.

Anyway, I thought this would be something good to do for my boys starting February 1st leading all the way up til February 14th…Valentine’s Day! It’s a great way to boost your children’s self-esteem, encourage their confidence and it’s just something fun and exciting for them to do. Besides, my boys love little daily surprises like this especially if they think it came from an imaginary friend like Elfie (elf on the shelf), the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny or something like that. (haha!) That only makes it that much more exciting for both me & them! I just thought I’d share this with you guys since the month of February is approaching!! The most beautiful thing anyone could wear is confidence, especially kids! 

Feel free to comment any Valentine Day Family Traditions you have in mind! I’m always interested in doing fun things like this for my boys. Thanks again for tuning in !! I hope to see you back sooooon!! 🙂 


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